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when i say shotgun you say weddingStarted: 11.08.2006 | Total Posts: 0 Blog | when i say shotgun you say wedding

Definition of Drama, according to dictionary.com:

any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results: the drama of a murder trial.
Now, let's go back to the stories of high school shall we? Now, we all know drama is neccessary, but when can we say it's enough? Really, every day since high school began, something has happened. I've heard somebody say something about me, about my friend, etc. And it's funny, high school is supposed to pressure us, make us try harder, not waste our time on silly websites. I understand I'm only a freshman but seriously, is this the definition of high school? Here's a list of what I've experienced since high school already. Shall we? Pop quizzes, tests I forgot to study for, forgot homework, liars, rumors about me, somebody who barely didn't know me and basically raided my locker for absolutely no reason, new Friends, old Friends apparently wishing they never saw me, break-Ups (none of mine), sick make-ups, and loser butts (nice way to put it).

And it's funny, I learned something new today. People don't seem to care how nice you are, or what good things you do. They will not do that for you, a low chance. You're nice, nobody will be nice to you. And personally, that sucks. All through pre-school through middle school, one thing our counselors' taught us this:"If you are nice to somebody, that somebody will be nice back." Kind of what Lord of the Flies goes along with, every human has some evil in them. Funny too, teenager, somebody who is part adult and party child. You stuff over 4,000 of them in one building with just 200 adults, what happens? Somewhere bound to come, evil will strike. To top that all off, that evil strikes when we least expect it. Somebody throws a grape at us, I pour gatorade on their head. But what if that's not our definition of evil? Is high school where we really let our inner evil unviel? Call a girl, catfight. Argue with a teacher, egg their house. Put a picture of you killing Bush on Myspace, apparently FBI agents will come into your classroom and question you if you are involved with any terrorists. Has our society come to this stage? Where now a group of thirteen to eighteen year olds are suddenly being questioned for their actions, when they weren't aware of them? In conclusion, being a teenager in high school, in my opinion, is pretty sucky. But for some reason, within five years, I'm going to miss it. Everything. The drama, the friends, the teachers, everything.

Quote for the Song of the Blog:

"I wanna have the same last dream again, the one where I wake up and I'm alive. Just when the wall close at the end, my eyes are open with pure sunlight."

"The warning sign, you will be fine."

-The Adventure, by Angels and Airwaves



click here to listen

trust me, this song, it's like life, waiting to begin.








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