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IF I SHOULD GO!!!! Started: 06.10.2010 | Total Posts: 13 Blog | IF I SHOULD GO!!!!
Love leave me like the night
the gentle passing day
We would not know but for the night
when it has slipped away.

Go quietly a dream when done
should leave no trace that it has lived
except a gleam across the dreamer's face..

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Posted: 01.13.2011 | Send Private Message


That's the main problem!the docs say she will get worse.

Posted: 06.26.2010 | Send Private Message


Sorry to hear that... Hope all is well..

Posted: 07.15.2010 | Send Private Message

I'm working and sleeping and caring for my wife.Same old...same old!They tell me I should put her in a home but I don't have the heart to do that.

Posted: 06.25.2010 | Send Private Message


Awwww I can understand that.. That's sweet of you... Hope things get better for ya!!

Posted: 06.25.2010 | Send Private Message

Sorry I haven't been in touch lately!I have been so busy!Hope your doing great!

Posted: 06.22.2010 | Send Private Message


Oh I am just peachy!!!! I am doing wonderful.. good to hear from you again... How are you doing ?

Posted: 06.24.2010 | Send Private Message

Thats sad!Now you know what you are missing!

Posted: 06.15.2010 | Send Private Message


Im not missing anything anymore..lol

Posted: 06.21.2010 | Send Private Message

What it means!

Posted: 06.14.2010 | Send Private Message


It's talking about being with the one you love for one night and then they leave and all you have left are dreams and memories...

Posted: 06.14.2010 | Send Private Message

Guess I'm stupid...this sounds excellent but it went over my head!Can you explain?

Posted: 06.12.2010 | Send Private Message


what don't you understand about it ?

Posted: 06.14.2010 | Send Private Message

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