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Just My Thoughts!!Started: 04.06.2008 | Total Posts: 5 Blog | Just My Thoughts!!

I know a lot of people aren't going to like what I have to say here, but I'm going to say it anyways I know this is a dating site, but I also see the word friend in there. someone just pointed out to me that stating just looking for friends in my profile is a death sentence to some guys...when I signed on here, it was truly for just friends, friends to me is, to be there for someone in time of need, to have a shoulder for someone to cry on, to lend an ear to someone who wants to be heard/listened to, to just be there...I'm sure some will say then you came to the wrong place, WHY because this is a meat market for men? or for a women that cant find anyone themselves but on a site like this? A women who feels they have to show half themselves to get looked at. for those women who shows half of what they own, your only going to attract horny men who will love you and leave you because what they really want is the girl next door type that they can bring home to mom..if i'm wrong guys saying that please feel free to leave comments and tell me how wrong I am..I challange you to do so. well I think enough was said and i'm sure i'll get a lot of hate comments, or there wont be any at all left. either way, It really dont matter to me..I love people, i'm a people person, and I make a hell of a friend! if you'd just give the chance....you all have a GREAT day!!

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Well said

Posted: 03.01.2009 | Send Private Message


why thank you, I thought so hehe

Posted: 03.31.2009 | Send Private Message

wow im the only guy to respond to this but amanda is right friends are rare. i only have maybe 5 real friends. and most guys are attracted to what they see first and don't take the time to see a girl not for what she is but for who she is. but don't give up there are nice guys out there. we are all hiding, sometimes lost in the crowd.

Posted: 06.17.2008 | Send Private Message


ur definately right love can be blind for alot of folks and friends are a dime a dozen.alot of people put fake pics in there so whos to really say ur talkin to the person in the pics.i have alot acaqauintances but for me friends are very rare they r the ones who stand beside u thru thick and thin and r there until the day u die.i love meeting new folks and love always makin new friends.

Posted: 06.02.2008 | Send Private Message


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