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Your Opinion Please?Started: 01.08.2008 | Total Posts: 0 Blog | Your Opinion Please?
Prioners that are on death row or have recieved the death penalty are complaing that the three drug shot of the lethal injection is in violation of the 8th admendment which states against "Cruel and Unusual punishment" Now the three drugs work as the first one is to knock the prisoner unconscious, and the second shot is used to paralyze the prisoner , and the third of course to stop the heart, However the prisoners are arguing that the first shot does not always work and when recieving the second shot it puts the prisoner in excrutiatin pain as the drug slowly works through the veins. Now why should the admendment protect these prisoners?? After all they have to be on death row for some type of cruel and unusual murder they have commited with no remorse for the family, now the remorse part is argueable because many of them say they have remorse but truthfully I believe that if they had the cold blood running through there body when they commited the crime. Some say they were high or drunk or on some type of drug, However dont we become adults for a reason to make adult decisons? I would like your opinon on this matter. Although it was taken to supreme court today and the prisoners lost.


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