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The President Of Iran Enters The U.S. !!!!!Started: 09.24.2007 | Total Posts: 2 Blog | The President Of Iran Enters The U.S. !!!!!
How do you feel about the president of Iran visiting Columbia University today?What did you think about his speech and answers? ?
*He also was on 60 minutes last night.

It was very interesting seeing what type of person he is, and what point of view he is coming from. I believe it was good idea, even though you still can't trust him,(Words are words) but on 60 minutes the reporter asked what do you like about "Bush"? Well he really couldn't help to answer back at the reporter"what do you like about him, and the stupid reporter said He's a relgious man>the Iran Prez,"And what religion would he be??Now that was funny. Iran president makes it clear that he wants peace. Thats it!And everyone is questioning is he helping in the Iraq War??Iran says no.,but Of course he is. They get weapons from Iran, but who cares the troops shouldn't be there anyway. Bush is an idiot.He is all about money. He should have been impeached a long time ago. It's just shows you the leadership skills of the ones who run this country . Then wonder why everything is all fucked up with Immigration,Healthcare etc.....2008 is around the corner.

I'm not worried about Iran having nuclear weapons.They are still poor. and Who cares almost everyone does already. I would be worried about Russia or the chinese who already are trying to kill us with led poisening, if anything.

What I can say is I don't see how the Iran president could try and make his country look good and speeking highly of women, while making a speech. Its like Dude You really dont have to go there, because your country is way fucked up regardless. DON'T LIE.They treat women like a piece of crap.He said that, instead of Bush taking them to war because of 9/11 .Find out the main issues, and who was really involved. Interesting he would say something like that because I have a strong belief Bush is the reason why the buildings fell. There so much more to the story.Always is.

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mankind won't be happy until they destroy themselves

Posted: 09.26.2007 | Send Private Message


i dont even know why he was here, did he meet with bush? they both are idiots, it's all about money and power with these people

Posted: 09.26.2007 | Send Private Message


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