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 Pisces (February 20 - March 20)
Pisces Pisces Traits
Imaginative and sensitive Compassionate and kind Selfless and unworldly Intuitive and sympathetic Escapist and idealistic Secretive and vague Weak-willed and easily led

Symbol: Two fish ties to each other, swimming in opposite directions (hidden depths and conflicting desires)
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Number: 6 and 2
Special Color: Turquoise and pale green
Flowers: Water lily
Magical Birthstone: Aquamarine
Trees: Willow
Quality: Mutable (communicators)
Element: Water (emotional and intuitive)
The part of the body ruled by Pisces is: The feet
Pisces most likeable trait is: Compassion
Duality: Feminine (magnetic, receptive, and strong through reserves)
Ruling Planet: Neptune: Ancient god of the sea. Neptune is the plant of mystery, glamour, and illusion

General Features
A typical Pisces is shy and is an abiding love and trust for all those who comes into contact with them. You are eternally romantic in the classic sense and have well-deserved reputation for stumbling over your own feet. You are the most malleable of all the zodiac signs. You possess a gentle, patient nature but the one which needs molding. You adapt to your surroundings whether good or bad. You are generous, friendly and good natured with a true sense of kindness and compassion. You are sensitive to everything around you along with the feelings of others. You are not initiators but allow circumstances and events to motivate them to respond.

Pisceans are not practical people but are sensitive and instinctual. You become completely absorbed in a chosen path to the exclusion of everything else. You are versatile and tend to understand things by absorption rather than logic. You are loyal, home-loving, kind and generous. You can be easily misled because you want to believe. Your dreamy and impractical natures are a source of distress to your near and dear ones. Being a mixture of an optimist and a pessimist, you find it difficult to make up your minds on any issue.

Pisces Male
A typical Pisces male is tall with somewhat clumsy appearance mediated by broad shoulders. You are open-minded to a fault. You are known to subsist solely upon the stuff of your dreams and as you are satisfied with very little, have few complaints of a material nature. You are knowledgeable in many subjects but prefer keeping this knowledge to yourself unless pressured. You excel at becoming emotionally involved in every little development of your life, even if the results hurt you in the end and they often do.

In love relationship, Pisces male are attracted to strong voluptuous women. You can be extremely changeable, like promising one thing to your beloved and doing exactly the opposite. You are quite blind to the defects and shortcomings of your loved ones. You over extend yourself in order to shower mate with expensive gifts.

Pisces Female
A typical Pisces female has slim figure but eventually may fill out nicely with the advance of the years. You have large eyes and an oval face, clear skin and a warm and charming smile. You use your sense of humor to protect your fragile sense of self-worth. You neither dominate nor like being dominated by anyone in your life.

Being a typical Piscean female, you are feminine, intuitive, responsive and sensual. You are empathetic to those who have problems and are often get used by others. You are a great one for fantasizing. Your biggest problem is you tend to pick the wrong mate which results in having extra marital affairs in order to receive the affection necessary for survival. You are also prone to tears and emotionally blackmail others.


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