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 Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)
Aquarius Aquarius Traits
Friendly and humanitarian Honest and loyal Original and inventive Independent and intellectual Intractable and contrary Perverse and unpredictable Unemotional and detached

Symbol: The waterbearer (creation and giving of life)
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Number: 7 and 1
Special Color: Electric blue
Flowers: Orchid
Magical Birthstone: Amethyst
Trees: All fruit trees
Quality: Fixed (organizers)
Element: Air (intellectual and communicative)
The part of the body ruled by Aquarius is: The circulatory system, ankles, and shins
Aquarius most likeable trait is: Friendliness
Duality: Masculine (energetic, direct, and strong through actions)
Ruling Planet: Uranus: Ancient Greek sky god, first ruler of the universe

General Features
A typical Aquarius has the attribute of intense desire to communicate. You are a bit tactless and rude if you don't learn to moderate your constant broadcasting around those whose opinions may be a bit more on the conservative side. You are interesting and attractive. You can be either shy, sensitive, gentle and patient or enthusiastic and lively with a tendency to be exhibitionists. Both types are strong willed and forceful in its own way. You are very opinionated with strong convictions and fight for what you believe. You are farsighted and innovative. You are generally without prejudice and quite tolerant of others' point of view.

You are truly humane and known to be frank and outspoken. You are refined and idealistic, romantic and practical, personable and likable person. Being quick in mind and responding, you love activity and are quite reasonable in that. You cherish and guard your independence and are a strange mixture of caring concern and cool detachment. You will go out of your way to help when needed but will never get emotionally involved.

Aquarius Male
A typical Aquarius male is generally taller than the average person with long bone structure and a strong, solid build. You have a rugged profile and broad, high forehead. You are quite guarded in revealing or expressing your feelings. You have a wide range of interests but are especially interested and attracted to unknown and unknowable. You are a man of exceedingly fair and upright mind and have your very own unshakeable personal moral code that you will refuse to deviate from no matter what.

In love relationships, for Aquarius male mind contact is a necessity for sexual fulfillment. You are generous, open and sincere to those you care about. You like to get involved in your mates' interests. You are somewhat shy and will often wait for someone else to make the first move. You can't live in a relationship that is domineering or restrictive in any way. Although you appear to be cool outwardly but are quite emotional and tender at heart. When its time to lovemaking, you are very imaginative. You will look for a partner who is willing to satisfy your relentless pursuit of intense sexual experiences. You fall in love quickly but you are also hesitant to commit completely to anyone.

Aquarius Female
A typical Aquarius female has broad shoulders and a highly defined bone structure. You have long, graceful, swanlike neck. You have a wide variety of interests and because of such characteristic, you find it easy to identify and commune with people from all cultures and walks of life. This allows you to accept many different view points with ease on any given question. You also have lack of self-confidence, and tend to overly rely upon semi-mystical divination systems to tell you what to do on daily basis.

An Aquarius female has high standards and insist on being treated with respect. You will never compromise in any case. You are sensitive, intellectual and you like parties and people. You are honest, direct and will tolerate anything for those whom you care about or whom you love. You are a very generous person, always willing to offer advice to those in need. You do require great deal of love and companionship, but on your terms. You are not that eager to marry and you seek intellectual stimulation foremost.


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