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We at Rateometer.com understand that nobody wants to sit around all day doing nothing, that isn't very sociable at all, and that's what you've been doing haven't you? Well click on inside and experience the world of ROM.

Free Casino GamesROM is all about bringing some fun into your sad grey world, by filling it with joy and shiny colors, and everyone knows that they can be found in the game room. Fancy your chances at one of our casino games? What's that you say? No? If you were good at gambling you'd be in Vegas? Well why not test your luck in winning some gold?

Oh and did I forget to mention ROM Island? I did? Oh my god, how could I? Maybe it's because I wanted to be the one who won the race to retire there. I wanted no one to know about gaining and earning Gold and how that determines how fast you get there. I'm sorry, I'll go sit in the corner. Oh but before I go to make up for withholding that information I'll give you a tip. Lean in and I'll whisper it….Closer….Closer…..Don't bother to use your gold for all the other things like sending presents and entering competitions for real prizes, who would want to do that, really?

ROM truly does have something for everyone, so if you are someone who likes at least one thing in life, yes absolutely anything, then you'll find something else you like right here.

Rate PhotosHere at ROM we are adding new content and new features whenever we possibly can, but don't let that fool you into thinking we are for the minute a one trick pony. We know two tricks! Our ace in the hole here at ROM is the unique rating system. Upload one of your photos and you can choose to see if it's up to the standard of some of our other members. Think you'll get in the Top 25?

Rateometer.com has enough content and giveaways to keep you indoors for days, ironic then that it happens to be a new social networking site. Upload photos and start having fun. You can also keep in contact with friends, but only if you want to -lol. We all lost touch with our old friends for a reason -lol. Maybe you can make some new friends or meet that special someone here or blog until you burst, we give you the opportunity to do it all and more.

Now I bet you want to get in on the action. Here's How!

1. Jump in headfirst (your head should break the fall) JOIN NOW!
2. Give us a smile….oh! never mind, just grin. Upload a Photo
3. Go wander and see what you can find, but stay out of (too much) trouble. Create your visual profile by clicking on some photos.
4. Be ye a pirate?! Start earning Gold!
5. Stay indoors forever!!!!! (or don't, whatever)

If you have suggestions or comments about ROM, please throw them extremely hard at: admin@rateometer.com


Meet Christopher
Meet Christopher Meet Christopher

Who's earning/losing gold?
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Kelli (3) Rate Photos
Carlie (3) Rate Photos
Jason (4) Rate Photos
Carissa (1) Rate Photos
Jason (5) Rate Photos
Kelli (2) Rate Photos
Kelli (3) Rate Photos
Neil (3) Rate Photos
Kate (3) Rate Photos
Akel (3) Rate Photos
Jason (5) Rate Photos
Jennifer (2) Rate Photos
Jason (4) Rate Photos
Kelli (4) Rate Photos

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